Interference Alignment in Cognitive Radio Networks (HİZA) Project is accepted by Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB)

The signing ceremony of the R&D projects with the participation of the President of Defense Industries (SSB) was held on January 26th, 2018. In this ceremony, the contract of the “Interference  Management in Cognitive Radio Networks (HİZA) Project", which is one of the 14 projects supported by SSB, was signed by Istanbul Technical University Vice Rector Prof.Dr. Alper Ünal. In this project, Prof.Dr. Lütfiye Durak Ata is the project manager, and Dr. Mustafa Namdar, Dr. Arif Başgümüş from Dumlupınar University, and Eylem Erdoğan from İstanbul Medeniyet University are the researchers. 

Interference Management in Cognitive Radio Networks (HİZA) Project is accepted among the 80 proposals in the same area. The aim of this project is to contribute to the design of next generation cognitive radio communication systems providing,

– Radio communications that minimizes interference in distributed networks,
– Effective and efficient use of the frequency spectrum for all terminals,
– Enhancement for seamless communications in operations in spite of the change of location and network topology,
– Flexibility to use communication devices at the borders or in conflict zones of countries without the need for comprehensive spectrum planning.